Compassionate euthanasia performed at home. The procedure is tailored around your pet's needs, aimed at creating a stress-free environment at your home. First we administer a very strong sedative, which will provide a relaxing, pain-free state prior to the euthanasia administration.  


Aftercare arrangements are handled by our veterinarians.  After the appointment we can transport the body for cremation




  • Private Cremation                       During a private cremation your pet will be cremated individually and the ashes will be saved. We will return the ashes to your home by hand in 7-10 days. There is a standard wooden urn included in the package, but you can also pick from a variety of urns.                                                     
  • Group Cremation                   During a group cremation, a group of pets are cremated together and the ashes are not saved.                             ‚Äč                    
  • Paw Print/Nose print                                                                              
  • Paw print keepsake